The campground was originally opened back in the 70s, then shut down for an extended amount of time in the 90s. Early 2000’s the campground was purchased and has been family owned and operated since. As you can imagine, after being shut down for so long it took many long hours of hard work getting the campground in a usable operating atmosphere. Today the campground looks very different then it did in the 70s. As you can imagine things have been removed, updated, remodeled and we have expanded. Our work is never done!

In the 70s there were approximately 70 RV sites, dirt roads mixed with a little gravel, a small office that was part of the on-site owners home and a sparkling lake that was much higher than it is today. Fast forward 30 years the campground increased to 27 acres, 138 RV sites, 110 storage sites & a tent area. Although in 2021, we lost some land to the state for the I-69 project. Lake Haven now has roughly 22 acres, 101 RV sites, our storage area remains the same but we no longer have tent sites to offer our customers. Sadly, due to the construction the 3 acre lake is not near as deep as it once was. We’re thankful for what is left of it but we are sadden that our customers can no longer enjoy fishing & listening to the relaxing sound of the fountain.